maui rental by owner property listing page.
maui rental property listing page, listing page, maui

Creating an Owner Account

  • Go to
  • Click on "List Your Property", located across the top/left of Home Page.
  • Click on "Click here for registration" to start an Owner Account.
  • Choose an Username & Password and fill out the remaining information on this page.
  • Once you have created an account, you will be able to create listings for your property.

Creating a New Listing

  • Click "Owner Login", located across top/right of Home Page and login with Username and Password.
  • Click "Create New Listing".
  • Choose property class, whether your property is a Home, Condo, or Bed & Breakfast. Click "Submit".
  • Fill out the property information, Title, address, rates, descriptions, amenities, etc (to add the latitude & longitude for a Google map of your property, please refer to "Creating Google Map").
  • To add an availability calendar, Please refer to "Creating an Availability Calendar".
  • Once you are done adding the property information, Click "Update", located at bottom/center of page.

Editing your property/Adding Pictures

  • Once you click "Update", Choose "You may now edit your Listing" choice.
  • To the left of the screen, click "Edit Images".
  • Click "Browse" and search for pictures to add to your listing. You can choose up to TEN (10) pictures per property. The maximum image width cannot exceed 700 pixels.
  • The first picture you choose will be the thumbnail that advertises your property when potential renters scroll through the properties. Make sure you add pictures to your listing.

Activating your Property

  • To activate your property, go to your "Admin" page.
  • Choose "Edit My Listings".
  • You will see a current list of your properties. Under the listing number, you will see "Activate/Renew Listing". Choose this choice.
  • Select Listing Term and Submit order.

Creating a Google Map

  • To create a Google map you must find the latitude and longitude of your property. To do this go to
  • Put the address of your property in the search box.
  • Double click on the exact location of the property. This will center your location on the map.
  • Click on "Link to this Page", located to the upper right of screen.
  • You will notice that the URL in you address bar will change to something like:,-3.2298&spn=0.967986,1.851196
  • The first long number (in this case: 37.120906) is the latitude and the second long number (in this case: -3.22998) is the longitude.
  • Once you figure the coordinates for the property, go back to "Edit My Listings" under your Admin Account.
  • Once you find the property the coordinates belong to click "Modify Listing".
  • Put in the latitude and longitude and update.

Creating an Availability Calendar

  • To create an availability calendar for you property, go to
  • Open an account by clicking "Join" at the top/right of screen.
  • Choose a property nickname and check the "Calendar" box, click "Next".
  • Fill your company information and select that you agree to the terms, click "Next" then "OK".
  • Sign in with Username and Password.
  • Click "New Property".
  • Type in Property Nickname and check the "Calendar" box, click "Next".
  • Select that you agree to the terms, click "Next".
  • Click "Use this Service Now".
  • Click on the dates that your listing is booked (note, do not include the date the guest checks out).
  • Before you save changes, write down the property ID # - this number will go in the "Online Availability Calendar" box under Modify Listings.
  • Save Changes. Remember to update this calendar when a reservation is made.
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